Rochelle L. Woods, Ph.D.

Founder, Executive Negotiation Strategist

The only failed negotiation is the one you don't have.

Dr. Rochelle L. Woods

Dr. Rochelle Woods has nearly a decade of experience helping professionals successfully navigate professional negotiations and workplace conflicts. She is passionate about helping clients navigate job offers and promotion negotiations and workplace conflicts that are needed to succeed personally and professionally. She has coached and trained hundreds of women across the country, working with them one-on-one and in workshop and seminars. Dr. Woods has extensive training and professional experience in the areas of leadership, conflict management and negotiation. She has trained in negotiation at Yale and Harvard’s Executive Education Programs, including receiving a certificate from Harvard’s Negotiation Master Class.  Dr. Woods is a career higher education professional and has led academic initiatives and administrative operations for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and MA and Ph.D. degrees in Sociology from University of Michigan. In 2021, she earned an executive certificate in Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University

We offer consulting, workshops & 1-on-1 coaching to help clients...


Negotiate the best compensation package for new jobs and promotions

overcome fear

Move beyond the fear and uncertainty that inexperienced negotiators often face


Advocate more effectively for yourself and others


Learn how to effectively influence others using proven methods

SET goals

Set goals and develop a negotiation action plan


develop strategies

Implement effective strategies to ensure successful negotiations

build confidence

Boost your skills and confidence

What our clients have to say

Danielle Busby, Ph.D

Dr. Rochelle Woods has been fundamental in both my academic and professional development, and I am incredibly thankful for her support specifically related to negotiations. Armed with her clear experiences from her doctoral training and working across an array of academic institutions, Dr. Woods was able to help me successfully navigate across two positions. Not only did she help me surpass the salary I desired, but her experiences helped me identify and a range of other factors to negotiate that are critical to one’s happiness and ability to effectively transition to a new role and position. Dr. Woods met me where I was, while pushing past my comfort zone in directly stating what I needed and why. Our work together has changed the way I will show up in the workplace and how I plan to manage future professional negotiations.

Ashley C. Benson, Ph.D.

Working with Rochelle was a phenomenal experience. She was very intentional about researching the salaries of my predecessor, those in similar roles at similar higher education institutions, and the income needed to thrive in the surrounding community. She used the information learned to help me gauge my response to the offer I received that ultimately led to an increase in compensation and moving expenses provided. Rochelle definitely helped to increase my confidence in negotiating; I was anxious about the process. Rochelle’s professionalism, confidence, and experience made me comfortable and confident that I would get what I deserved. If you are looking for a professional who communicates directly an succinctly, Rochelle is your person.  You won’t regret it!

Jennifer Malat, Ph.D.

Rochelle has helped me with negotiation at critical career junctures. I do not like negotiating, because I see it as conflictual interaction. With Rochelle’s guidance, I have been able to approach negotiation more positively. She understands my perspective and guides my thinking, helping me get through my initial emotional responses to the encounters. Once, I was going to walk away from a negotiation due to frustration. Rochelle talked me through my frustration and helped me get a contract that I was happy to accept. Another time, when I couldn’t secure the resources I needed for a project, Rochelle helped me set and communicate boundaries based on the available resources. The negotiation lessons I’ve learned from Rochelle continue to serve me today.

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